DIY wedding makeup?

DIY wedding makeup?

Everyone’s their own makeup artist these days. With a little help of Youtube makeup gurus and their many tutorials, it seems possible to pull off DIY wedding makeup.  But should you do your own makeup on one of the most important days of your life?

diy wedding makeup

The Makeup Maid

DIY Wedding Makeup

Doing your own makeup for your wedding has its advantages.

For one, you’ll look exactly like yourself. You won’t feel like a different person hiding beneath layers of powders, creams and fake eyelashes.

You’ve done it thousands of times — how can it possibly go wrong? Nobody knows you better than yourself — you know what works and what doesn’t.

But where’s the fun in that?


Hollywood Brides

Makeup Artist

The time spent in the hotel getting all dolled up with your bridesmaids while sipping champagne at obscene hours in the morning is what makes weddings fun!

You spend time primping your face every other day — why not let a talented professional do it on the most important day of your life?

Also, makeup artists who specialise in weddings are equipped with the skills to make you glow in the wedding photos. They know what works and what doesn’t work in certain lights. This kind of expertise and craftsmanship is perhaps beyond what youtube makeup gurus and their tutorials can teach you.

Makeup artists know how to ensure your base is flawless, your highlight is on fleek and that there is no dreaded makeup flashback in your professional photography.

You can also ensure you get the bridal makeup look you want by having a trial and showing the makeup artist some images to use as inspiration.

Beginning the day with applying your own makeup will only add to the inevitable stress of your wedding day. This is your day to be pampered and fussed over — milk it for all it’s worth!

the makeup maid 1

The Makeup Maid


How to survive wedding week

How to survive wedding week

survive wedding week

I Do Crew

There is just seven more sleeps until your big day and while you may be finding it hard to sleep, we want to make sure it is because you are super-excited and not because you are super-stressed.

Here are some tips you can use to help you to survive wedding week:

Refer to your to do list

Because you are an organised person, you would have some semblance of a checklist going to keep track of everything.

Revisit this, or if you haven’t managed to jot everything down yet, create one here (it’s never too late!)

This will help you to see if there are any glaringly obvious things you may have forgotten to do, such as confirm the time your caterer needs to begin serving meals.

If you haven’t already got time off, you may need to consider taking a few days, or even the week off depending on how much you have left to do.

Finalise your wedding itinerary

You may have been building a broad picture over the past few months, but now is the time to nail things down. Do not plan everything down to the last minute, as unexpected things can and do come up, so some flexibility will give you peace of mind.

If you don’t have a planner, you can get tips from your photographer or other vendors because they’ve probably done this umpteen times and can give you some ideas of how long to allocate for each portion of your ceremony and reception.

If you do this at the beginning of your final week, you will have time to give copies to all of your vendors as well as family and the bridal party so they know where they need to be and when.

Try on your dress

survive wedding week

Image: The Love Jug

Sneak away from you partner for an hour to try on your wedding dress to make sure it fits perfectly and doesn’t need any last-minute alterations.

There have been some cases where brides have simply picked up their dress and left it in the bag until the day of their wedding only to find pins still in it – don’t let that be you!

Break in your shoes

The worst part of being in heels all day long is being in brand new heels all day long.

Start wearing your beautiful wedding shoes around the house and give your feet extra breathing space by wearing a thick pair of socks and aiming a hair dryer at the tighter spots.

It i always a good idea to pack an extra pair of shoes you can slip into while having your photos taken or for after the first dance – there’s nothing worse than trying to look happy and poised while your feet are hurting. You want your wedding shoes to look amazing, but you don’t have to wear them all day. You can even wear flats or go barefoot if you want to!

Drop off items where they are needed

If you are doing a lot of DIY, make sure you drop off items like your sign-in book, candles, menus, table numbers etc off to the venues where they need to be.

If your bridal party are helping, organise a date in advance for you all to meet and set up the room, but if you are lucky enough to have helpers, place the items into boxes or containers with specific instructions for them to follow so there is no confusion about what goes where.

Also give your venue coordinator a list of things that needs to be returned after your celebration so nothing gets thrown out by accident.

Rehearsal dinner

If you are going to have a rehearsal dinner, it is a good idea not to have it the night before your wedding. Try getting everyone together two or three nights before instead.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

No matter how hands-on of a bride you want to be, it is impossible for you to be in more than one place at a time and when it comes to your final seven days, a lot will need to be finalised.

Tap into your wonderful bridal party, other close friends and family members and see who is willing to run an errand for you. If you spread the love across many people, no one will be burnt out before your wedding.

It can be a good idea to designate a “second in command” who knows just as much about the wedding as you do. It could be your maid of honor or your mother, but their job is to field some of the questions in the final week so you are not being bombarded from all directions. It also helps to put their contact details on your wedding website so that no one bothers you on your big day.

Make final payments

With your to do list, you will know who needs to be paid and when. A lot of this will be happening in the final week before the big day, so to avoid missing any important payments to vendors, you should consider paying them before the due date or setting up an automatic electronic transfer payment, so then it’s done and you are ready to go.

Try to make time for out of town guests

They may have traveled a fair way to see you, so if you are planning to be whisked away immediately after the wedding on a honeymoon, you might want to schedule in a fun activity or two to share with the guests you may not have connected with for a while.

This might be a good opportunity to introduce them to other guests so that they have some contacts on the day of the wedding.

Take care of yourself

survive wedding week

Image: Hens Pamper Party

Eat healthy, get rest – no matter how pumped you are starting to get – and make sure you don’t overdo it.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of preparations to go for a run, take a yoga class, read a book or another decompressing activity that you enjoy.

You could indulge in a pampering session with your wedding VIPs, your fiance or even solo and get a relaxing massage, a spray tan or your nails done.

History would dictate it is best to get spray tans and hair treatments done earlier in the week to allow time for corrections if needed. You do not want to have tan coming off on your stunning white dress or any hair mishaps.

Remember why you are celebrating

With all of the time, effort and possibly even tears, you have put into this wedding, try not to let it all get to you on the home stretch.

Remember why you are doing all of this and how the most important thing is that you will be married to the love of your life at the end of this week.

Reach out to your support networks if you feel snowed under and make sure you soak up and enjoy every last minute of this week before you start the next chapter of your relationship and your life.


The emergence of Facebook weddings

The emergence of Facebook weddings

facebook weddings @ easy weddings

Zita de Pooter and Jeremy Meek pose for a quick picture in front of the Washington DC courthouse after their Starbucks elopement. Image: Zita de Pooter

Many couples make a decision to ban phones and the use of social media at their weddings to avoid guests being distracted, but millennials are now embracing it – even shunning traditional wedding ceremonies for those streamed live to guests online. These have been called “Facebook Weddings”.

The names Zita de Pooter and Jeremy Meek are being broadcast around the world as a couple who celebrated their wedding with 210 friends – none of whom turned up for the big day.

Instead, they “liked” the couple’s wedding announcement – a photo of them in casual attire pointing to a crisp white sheet of paper, which just happened to be their marriage certificate.

“We picked up the papers from the courthouse , it was really easy and left to Starbucks,” Zita told The Washington Post.

The 28-year-old says they picked up papers from the courthouse, found a “quiet nook” in a local Starbucks and Jeremy, 32, said some “silly words” about their time together before they signed the paperwork.

“We didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. It was nice. A little bit romantic even,” she says.

There was no bouquet, no wedding dress and no pressure to pull off a ceremony in front of guests.

Their photographer was a passerby on the street, who took the photo on an iPhone that the world is now seeing on Facebook.

The caption read: “Went to the courthouse yesterday and became leap day husband and wife. Anniversaries every 4 years for the rest of our lives.”

Comments began pouring in from the “guests” including: “Congrats! Good Looking couple! Wowowow!”

Several months later, the newlyweds hosted a three-day garden after-party in Zita’s native Belgium.

Even then, the event cost them less than A$8,200.

So is there merit to the idea of shunning a traditional marriage celebration for a social media “event”?

Your wallet will say yes, but your heart might say no.

The 2016 Easy Weddings Survey found the average cost of an Aussie wedding is $30,985, this is just over $10,000 more than what couples budget for on average. This is why a budget is important in the planning process.

It worked for Zita and Jeremy and they won’t be the last couple to get married in such a fashion.

More and more young couples are kissing tradition goodbye and saying “I do” to elopements, courthouse nuptials and intimate small-scale weddings.

In the era of social media sharing, these modern couples are taking to the web to broadcast their nuptials to the world through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and there are others who choose to live-stream their ceremony through services like Periscope and Skype, so guests can tune in wherever they may be.

If this new era of simplicity is right up your alley, don’t be afraid to embrace it. You can always have a “reception” party afterwards so that you still get to celebrate.


Decor ideas for your vintage themed wedding

Decor ideas for your vintage themed wedding

A vintage themed wedding will never go out of fashion, and brides-to-be simply can’t get enough of the vintage theme. Whether you are in love with 1930’s Art Deco and Great Gatsby-style luxury, or prefer a more simple and elegant 1940’s look, here are some ideas you can tap into for decor inspiration:

Tea cups

vintage wedding

Edwards Vintage Hire

Nothing says vintage as immediately as tea cups and saucers. There are so many variations of styles from floral to subtle and sophisticated.

If you are going for a more traditional look, you can keep whole sets together, or maybe choose a different pattern of china for each of the tables.

But if you really want to have some fun, go for the mismatched look.


Vintage suitcase stack wishing well. Image: The Vintage Way

Vintage suitcase stack wishing well. Image: The Vintage Way

Not only do they evoke the feeling of times past, but they are times of adventure and excitement!

There are many creative ways you can use vintage suitcases from wishing wells to places where guests can leave special cards or messages to the newlyweds in lieu of a traditional guestbook. This is a great DIY you can easily achieve as well as to your to do list.


When you think of vintage, lace is one of the first textures that springs to mind. See how Karina and Andrew used lace in their Vintage Country wedding.

When you think of vintage, lace is one of the first textures that springs to mind. See how Karina and Andrew used lace in their Vintage Country wedding.

There are so many different kinds of lace and the patterns can be as intricate or as simple as you desire.

Lace is one of the images most people conjure up when you mention a vintage theme.

From table runners, to centerpiece highlights and even bunting, there are so many ways to incorporate lace into your decor.

Milk bottles

Small milk bottles or mason jars for drinks add some attention to detail. Image Chalk and Cheese Photography

Small milk bottles or mason jars for drinks add some attention to detail. Image: Chalk and Cheese Photography

You and your guests can feel like kids again by evoking the long lost era of the household milk delivery! Of course you don’t have to drink milk either, you can fill the bottles with soda, homemade iced tea or even alcoholic drinks.

More than that, small milk bottles are cute and you can customise the straws with a splash of colour to match your wedding theme.


vintage decor ideas

From secondary decorations to full on statement pieces, porcelain and china is fine and delicate and embodies everything vintage.

It may be advisable to keep these precious pieces in mind if there will be children attending your reception.


Vintage mirrors can be used in many ways. Image Edwards Vintage Hire

Vintage mirrors can be used in many ways. Image: Edwards Vintage Hire

Mirrors of all shapes and sizes have been used to spruce up reception decor for years, but when you add a vintage frame and an unusual shape to the mix, mirrors become much more interesting.

You can use large vintage mirrors to write table seating plans onto, as many brides are now starting to experiment with this trend. Alternatively, smaller mirrors can add a vintage feel to table decorations.


vintage decor ideas

Birdcages can come in all colours, sizes and styles so you can shop around until you find one that matches your style of vintage wedding.

Not just for birds, these beauties can double as wishing wells, places for guests to place special notes in, you can use them empty as table decorations or decorative hangers, or fill them with flowers or greenery to add even more beauty to your wedding decor.


vintage decor ideas

Nothing accompanies a vintage dress quite like a string of pearls, so why not extend that to your decor?

You don’t have to use the real thing, placing strings of faux pearls onto table centerpieces or accentuating menu cards with faux pearls will be really effective in conveying your vintage theme.

The cake debate

vintage decor

Instead of going for a grand tiered cake, you could opt for cupcakes for each guest that can be served to each table on vintage cupcake stands.

It will give a luxurious, high-tea feeling to your event.

Seating solutions

While it might not be financially viable to source unique vintage chairs for every one of your guests, you can create a little nook within your reception with cute vintage-inspired conservatory chairs or even a more luxurious chaise lounge.

vintage decor ideas


8 ways to incorporate greenery into your wedding

8 ways to incorporate greenery into your wedding

Greenery is the Pantone colour of the year and is also symbolic of new beginnings, so it is not surprise many 2017 brides will be trying to incorporate the shades of the fresh and zesty yellow-green hue into their wedding. You don’t have to seek out a luscious garden setting to be on trend this year, we have compiled a list of other ways you can incorporate greenery into your wedding day.

incorporate greenery

Setting the scene

incorporate greenery 1

If you were planning to look at an outdoor venue, look for locations with an abundance of shrubs, forest or manicured gardens to add texture to the backdrop of your ceremony. This will also provide stunning locations for your photos. The Red Feather Inn in Tasmania is a great example of how easy this can be to achieve.

 Naturally beautiful reception

incorporate greenery

Venues like Ayres House in South Australia have multiple areas to choose from and the Conservatory is ideal for those seeking splashes of green in a natural setting.

Make the girls go green

incorporate greenery

Different hues of green from mint, to forest green and now the yellowish greenery can make a stunning statement when worn by your bridesmaids. Just make sure that you choose your photograph backdrop carefully so they  stand out.

 Rethink the bouquet

incorporate greenery

Collaborate with your florist and experiment with different shades of green. A mixture of greens is and the inclusion of elements like cacti or herbs is not only eye-catching, but can add a unique touch to your wedding.

 Minimalist centerpieces

incorporate greenery

Flowers are the traditional centerpieces, but by incorporating greenery into your centerpieces you can be on trend and maintain a theme. Similar to flower bouquets, you can create an amazing natural look by mixing different plants and simple glass vases, or include amazing geometric terrariums.

Giving greenery

greenery incorporate

Bomboniere can take any shape or form and to continue your green theme throughout, you can consider giving a tree for your guests to plant at home. Some couples to share their love of nature by giving tree seedlings or cacti to their guests as a thank you for attending their wedding.

Green cake

incorporate greenery

When guests arrive at the reception, all eyes are on the cake, so this is a great chance to make a statement with a pop of greenery. Natural greenery on top of a neutral coloured cake will have a similar effect to actually colouring the cake green so you can let your imagination run wild.

Set the tone

Hand painted invitations or stationary with tones of green set the scene for your guests. Image Paper and Style Co

Hand painted invitations or stationary with tones of green set the scene for your guests. Image: Paper and Style Co

The first hint your guests will have about the theme of your wedding is the invitation. You can give them some clues by incorporating greenery in either the lettering or as a decorative element to your stationary.


Marble wedding styling ideas

Marble wedding styling ideas

marble table number peach perfect

Table Number: Peach Perfect

Marble wedding styling has been incredibly popular for a while now, and, the trend appears to be going absolutely nowhere. Marble patterns continues to filter into many different wedding styling elements, from wedding cakes to invitations and even place cards too.

The marble look is particularly suited to contemporary weddings with minimalist flair. Mixed with greenery, luxe linens and gold accents, marble can be the perfect styling accent to any modern wedding theme.

If you love the look of marble as much as we do, here are some ways to incorporate marble in your wedding…

Marble wedding invitations

Modern-Marble-wedding invitations by DreamDay Invitations

Wedding Stationery: DreamDay Invitations

Marble balloons

marble balloons

Image: They All Hate Us

Marble cookie bomboniere

marble cookies sweetcheeks cookies and cakes

Cookies: Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes

Marble ceremony backdrop

marble wedding backdrop

Image: Walter Wilson Studios

Marble candle bomboniere

marble candle styled candle co

Candle: Styled Candle Co

Marble place cards

marble placecard


Marble wedding cake

marble cake puddles the cake company

Cake: Puddles the Cake Company

Marble crockery

marble wedding table the ARK

Image: the ARK


10 alternative wedding centrepieces you’ll love

10 alternative wedding centrepieces you’ll love

Wedding reception centrepieces have evolved from being strictly-flowers to modern, ‘out of the bloom’ ideas. Non-traditional alternatives range from floating candles to DIY papier-mâché that complement the wedding theme and bring out the personality of the bride and the groom.

Get inspired by these unconventional and alternative wedding centrepieces below!

Seasonal fruits

fruit wedding centrepiece

Image: Martha Stewart Weddings

Add a pop of color to every table by placing fresh fruits as centerpiece. To play with the texture of the fruits, serve them in different ways: whole, sliced, spread.


Succulent centrepieces

Image: Succulent Centrepieces

Here’s a fresh take on greenery. Succulents come in different shapes and sizes, and gives your tables that hip, vintage vibe. You can customize your succulent centerpiece by putting it on a patterned plate, a rustic pot or even crochet!  There’s no detail too small in weddings.


Alternative Wedding Centerpiece

Image: Aaron Courter Photography

There is no such thing as one-cake policy when it comes to weddings. Spread the love by using one-tier cakes in place of a floral centerpiece! To make it more personal, choose different flavors for each table and design your own wedding cake.


alternative wedding centrepiece ideas easy weddings

Image: Ann Katharin Koch

Oversized helium balloons add a bit of whimsy to a family-style wedding reception.


flourish bomboniere

Image: Flourish Bomboniere

Tick off two boxes on your wedding checklist with one display like this. It serves as a table centrepiece and bomboniere at the same time! You can even DIY this centrepiece/bomboniere idea by getting all the items you need at Koch and Co.


feather centrepiece wedding ideas

Image: Nakai Photography

If you’re looking for an elegant and fanciful centerpiece, try going for white, luxurious feathers like these.

Tropical leaves


Image: Emilia Jane

Fresh cut tropical leaves placed in tall and sleek vases are perfect for a beach wedding or couples who just love the exotic tropics. This decor company can pull off this elegant look.

Fairy lights


Image: Colin Miller Events

One word: magical. Fairy lights housed in terrariums suit an evening wedding reception under the stars. If you’re looking for magical centerpieces, you can find them here.

Something personal

Alternative Wedding Centerpieces

Image: Meg Ruth

Tell a story with your centerpiece by adding a personal touch to it. If you’re into traveling, you can place a globe and a collection of postcards. If you’re music enthusiasts, you can place a record player with your favorite vinyls. And if you’re voracious readers, you can put copies of your favorite books on display.

Rustic candles


Image: Jay Mayuga Photography

Candles create a warm, cozy mood at your reception. Add touches of gold for a rustic feel. You can order your candles, gold accents and other table centerpiece supplies here.


10 awesome ways to use origami in your wedding

10 awesome ways to use origami in your wedding

Origami buttonholes for wedding Image Anushe Low Photography

Image: Anushe Low Photography

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into intricate designs and shapes, and depending on the structure or figure you create it can symbolise sentiments such as wisdom, fertility and marital happiness.

Many couples are incorporating origami into their special day, not just because it’s gorgeous to look at, but also to promote a happy and prosperous marriage. Unfold the beauty of origami with these cute origami wedding ideas. Pun intended!

Wedding Invites

Give your guests a taste of what’s to come on your special day with the help of some colorful origami. Whatever the style or colour scheme you can find a fitting origami design for your wedding invitations.


Image: (Heart) Anja Jane, (Plane) Martha Stewart

Place Cards

If you feel like your reception tables need an extra something, maybe a handmade touch will do the trick. These intricate little creatures, surely folded by dexterous pairs of hands, will make your guests (especially the animal lover ones) smile.

Place and name

Image: (Elephant) Root Weddings, (Birds) Browne Photography


Now here’s a quirky substitute for fresh flowers. Grooms can make origami buttonholes even more meaningful by using a copy of their written vows.

Source_Mei Origami

Photo credits: Mei Origami


We have to admit, using an origami fortune teller template is a pretty and clever way to present your dinner menu.

Source_Alchemy Hour Designs_Fortune Telling

Photo credits: Alchemy Hour Designs

Seating chart

Create your seating chart using origami paper cranes and hang them from a wooden frame.

seating chart made of origami

Image: Babb Photo

Chair décor

Use old, discolored paper to create a rustic origami look for your wedding chairs. You can simply fold the paper into a cone shape, throw in some herbs and it can double up as an aroma diffuser, too! Fresh lavenders will immediately transport you to Tuscany.

Source_Sargeant Photography

Photo credits: Sargeant Photography

Wedding cake

If you’re far into the origami game, why not attempt an origami applique to go atop your wedding cake?

Wedding cake origami Image Anushe Lowe

Image: Anushe Low Photography

Bridal bouquet

These eye-catching paper roses are a fresh take on bridal bouquets. Not only are they beautiful but the best part is they will last forever! However, if you’d prefer fresh flowers for your bridal bouquet, an origami bouquet could be perfect for your bouquet toss to all the single ladies!

C_sue ngee

Image: Sue Ngee

Hanging centrepieces

Hanging paper cranes at your wedding reception can add a splash of color and charm to the space.

Source_Valeria Duque

Image: Valeria Duque


Source_PNM Weddings

Image: PNM Weddings

Wedding Dress

Willing to go all in? If you’re totally in love with origamis, and brave enough, you can even wear it yourself! This amazing origami-inspired Jasper Garvida haute-couture dress is definitely worth trying.

Source_Jasper Garvida

Image: Anushe Low Photography


Spring has sprung: 10 sensational – and seasonal – bomboniere ideas

Spring has sprung: 10 sensational – and seasonal – bomboniere ideas

With just a few weeks to go until the start of Spring, those of you planning a Spring wedding will probably be on the lookout for unique bomboniere ideas. Spring is an inspiring season as it’s all about new life and a fresh start – ideal imagery for a wedding really! Check out these fabulous Spring bomboniere ideas for a little seasonal inspiration:

Living bomboniere, such as plants and flowers, are popular Spring bomboniere, and the easiest (as well as cheapest) way to encourage your guests to grow something in honour of your wedding is to give them a special packet of seeds. Choose a plant or flower that you love and have the seed packets personalised with your wedding details, and a meaningful statement, like the simple but beautiful Grow Some Love! seed packet below.

Seed packet bomboniere Image: Wildflower Favours

For a more decorative alternative which will save your guests a little hard labour in the garden, why not look out for a grow-your-own style wedding bomboniere kit. Combining a pot or planter with compost and seeds, these kits are perfect for kitchen windowsill gardeners and just need watering to start them off. This stunning Magic Bean Plant bomboniere from FavoursPlus has a beautifully handpainted pot and comes in its own gift box.

Grow your own bomboniere kit

Image: Favoursplus

If you’d like your Spring themed bomboniere to double up as table decorations, you may want to consider fully grown plants. These are ideal DIY bomboniere for green fingered brides; you can grow them from seeds and plant them up in glass jam jars personalised with a label or sticker.

Jam jar plant bomboniere Image: Wedding In a Teacup

You don’t need to stick with ceramic plant pots for your bomboniere – you can have some fun with your choice of planter and choose miniature watering cans, china tea cups, or anything else that takes your fancy.

Watering can bomboniere

Image: Confetti

For a really rustic look try wrapping your plants in hessian with frayed edges, tying them up with raffia or a Spring coloured ribbon.

Hessian wrapped plant bomboniere Image: Baloolah Bunting

There are plenty of Springtime motifs that you can use to create bomboniere gifts if you don’t want to give plants or seeds. Blossom is a very popular Spring motif, and it can be used in every element of your wedding decorations and stationery as well as your bomboniere.

Look out for blossom themed gifts such as this Kate Aspen blossom salt and pepper shaker set. Alternatively this cherry blossom miniature fan from Pink Frosting will help to keep your guests cool and will add an extra dimension to your wedding tables.

Kate Aspen blosson salt and pepper Image: FavoursPlus

Cherry blossom fan bomboniere

Image: Pink Frosting

Hearing birdsong in the morning is a sure sign that Spring has arrived, and birds are a fashionable wedding theme for Spring weddings. Add a bird theme to your bomboniere by creating individual miniature bird’s nests for each guest and filling them with chocolate eggs, or perhaps more traditional sugared almonds.

Birds nest bomboniere

Image: Wedding Celebration

For something a bit different look out for tiny birdcages that can be accessorised with flowers, and used to hold a tealight candle or your place cards.

Birdcage bomboniere

Image: Pink Frosting

Finally candles are an ever popular wedding bomboniere, and there are many Spring inspired candles around. Look for scented candles with a fresh Spring scent, or choose candles in various shades of green and yellow and tie them with ribbons of a similar shade. Look for candle holders with a Spring theme, such as this Botanical Garden votive candle holder from Wedding Celebration.

Botanical garden votive bomboniere

Image: Wedding Celebration

There are so many ways to tie your bomboniere into a Spring wedding theme, whether you give guests a plant, encourage them to grow their own, or choose a bomboniere gift with a Spring motif. During a season that is characterised by new life and expectation, there are plenty of bomboniere ideas to reflect these themes.


DIY: The MOST delicious (strawberry) macarons IN. THE. WORLD!

DIY: The MOST delicious (strawberry) macarons IN. THE. WORLD!

Strawberry macarons to die for! Image: Must Love Rust

Strawberry macarons to die for! Image: Must Love Rust

We’re not exaggerating when we say that these are, without doubt, the best macarons we’ve ever tasted (and we’ve tasted A LOT of macarons).

Macarons are the perfect hen’s party treat or, better yet, as home-made bomboniere for guests at your wedding, and the ladies at Must Love Rust have mastered these delectable creations, based on Aussie chef Adriano Zumbo’s famously fabulous recipe.

“It’s not a difficult recipe,” says Helen Lester, Easy Weddings’ National Campaign Manager who, along with her sister Lys, also runs the food and photography blog Must Love Rust.

“It just takes some preparation and time but the result is, well, finger-licking good! I follow Adriano’s recipe to the letter and, though it’s very simple, there is one particularly tricky step and that’s getting the temperature of the sugar used in the macaron shells absolutely right.”

Helen says that watching the temperature of the sugar is so crucial because that’s what determines the overall ‘crispiness’ of the final product.

“If the temperature is too low,” she adds, “the macarons won’t set and they won’t be crispy, however, if it’s too high, the shells will be hard and will, potentially, crack. So, ensure you have a sugar thermometre on hand – and use it!”

Helen adds that while many macaron makers opt for strawberry puree made from frozen strawberries, she only ever uses fresh strawberries in her macarons.

“Buy fresh strawberries and puree them yourself,” she adds. “The result is so much smoother and the taste so much better.”

Macarons, as opposed to macaroons, which share the same base but are usually chewy and coconut-filled rather than soft and delicate, can be created in just about any flavour and any colour, making them equally suitable for wedding day snacks and deserts, which can be made to match your wedding theme’s colours.

Adriano Zumbo’s macaron recipe


DIY Macarons for bomboniere (1) Ganache
40g cream
80g strawberry puree
65g unsalted butter
1 vanilla bean, scraped
200g white chocolate

The shells
50g egg whites
125g caster sugar
40g water
135g pure icing sugar, sieved
135g almond meal, sieved
45g egg whites
Few drops of red colouring

Preparation time
Depending on how many you make (this recipe makes up to 60 mini macrons), you’ll need to set aside an afternoon as macarons are made in several stages, so though the cooking only takes about 15 minutes, there is between 1 and 2 hours of preparation.

To make the ganache
Bring the cream, strawberry puree and vanilla to the boil. Pour this hot cream mixture over the white chocolate to create the ganache. Cool this mix to 50C and mix in the butter.

Cover with cling wrap and allow to cool.

To make the shells
Boil the caster sugar and water to 118C.

Now, place 50g of egg whites in an electric mixer. Slowly stream in the hot sugar-water mix very, very slowly and whisk until it cools to about 50C. Be sure to mix your hot sugar mix into your egg whites in order to prevent cooking the egg whites before they mix with the sugar.

In a large bowl, place the sieved icing sugar, colouring, almond meal and 45g of egg whites on top.

Add the meringue mixture and mix until the two are combined perfectly.

Pre-heat the oven to 150C. Pipe 20 cent-sized circles onto a baking sheet lined with silicone baking paper.

DIY Macarons for bomboniere (2)

Tap the base of the tray to remove any air bubbles and leave for between 30-60 minutes until a skin forms over the shells and they are touch dry.

Bake the shells for 16 minutes at 150C. Allow the macaron shells to cool, then flip them over on a clean, cool tray.

Place the ganache in a piping bag then pipe the ganache onto one shell before placing a second shell on top of the ganache to form a ‘sandwich’.